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Cameron’s 90 2+0 TT Manual

After flying to Melbourne, and picking up the near dead 1990 Aztec red 2+0 twin turbo z32, with 2 blown turbos, and venturing back to North Queensland on what was to be one of the longest hottest trips (44c), we proceeded to pull the automatic gearbox and engine out, clean the bay up, fit some manual gear and a nice healthy engine with some working turbos.

We then went about tweaking and installing the following list of parts:

  • BDE Billet Engine mounts
  • Silicone Intake pipes
  • New Cooling and Oil hardlines on both turbos
  • 2k Spec front bumper
  • Japtek SMIC
  • 750cc Jecs injectors
  • Nistuned ECU
  • Japtek FUCA
  • Japtek RUCA
  • Japtek Tension/Traction Rods
  • HKS Hi Power Exhaust
  • Z1 Shifter
  • Z Speed Solid shifter mount and support plate
  • ZSpec Dressup Kit
  • One piece SS Braided Clutch line
  • S2 PTU (Hard Wired)
  • Silicone heater hose

While all this was done we put all the preventative maintenance tasks such as plenum pull and bypass, EGR, PRVR and PCV delete, New fuel lines and clamps, new fuel filter, Oil flush and filter change, radiator flush.