TT Swap for Jamies 90 Aus Spec Manual

Swapping out a NA to a TT isnt the easiest thing to do on a z, but definitely the best bang for buck power upgrade. Utilising a tt engine, exhaust manifolds and stock turbos/dumps, as well as intake pipes, and deleting the ac lines until a tt set comes up, and using the clutch/flywheel and accessories from the NA engine (including ps pump alternator and drive pulley from the crank).

We also equipped the bay with the following additions supplied from various z suppliers

  • BDE Engine mounts
  • Z Spec full engine bay bling kit
  • s2 injector upgrade kit
  • 555cc nismo injectors
  • nistune ecu

We also utilised the engine out to redo the DET sensor under the lower plenum, the lower plenum gaskets, and turbo gaskets and hardlines, as well as under plenum coolant bypass, PCV delete, EGR Delete, AIV delete and PRVR Delete.

Once the car has been run, we will update with a power figure and set boost levels.

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